All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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Joining our exclusive community is a tangible step to reaching your goals.

If you become part of our circle, you will:

✔️ Find ways on how you can revolutionize your hypnosis practice and how you can strengthen your business through seeing opportunities in a new perspective

✔️ Explore different hypno-techniques and styles, and uncover successful offers, client conversions, sales approaches, and stories from other practitioners that can help you craft a process that works best for you​

✔️ Discover opportunities to practice, learn, and get feedback on your offers, theories, and feelings

✔️ Strengthen your confidence and relationship with yourself through a holistic approach, helping you further embody your knowledge as you serve and heal others

✔️ Be on the receiving end of hypnosis, letting you enhance your knowledge and experience even more

✔️ Receive consistent support and encouragement from our purposeful community  

If you are ready to create momentum and create a hypno biz that keeps rolling - don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling your passion and purpose! Achieve your dreams with us.


"If you want to turn your dream of opening a hypnotherapy practice into reality working with Heather is a must! Heather’s outgoing personality, contagious energy, and passion for hypnotherapy will leave your soul feeling like it can FLY!" 

- Hayley Middleton

Topics that we will uncover and explore together

Techniques and Approaches

✔️ Client relationships and conversations on how you can pull out the REAL issue

✔️ Group work dynamics

✔️ Hypno Language Flow Regression and Past Life Regression 

✔️ Creating scripts and moving beyond them

✔️ Techniques on how to best use Parts Therapy, Ultra Height, Regressions, NLP, and more

✔️ Approaches for weight loss and eating habits, anxiety and panic attacks, and other issues

✔️ ​Keys to working with different concerns and challenges

Business Operations

✔️ Creating offers for your online and offline audience

✔️ Know the best practices for online sessions

✔️ Building an e-mail list and using it as a tool for marketing

✔️ Tech & software options to automate and improve your business






Working on Yourself

✔️ Release fear of failure/success

✔️ End procrastination & self sabotage

✔️ Change thinking & beliefs around money

✔️ Discovering root cause

✔️​ Successful & unsuccessful thinking








And so much more!
We’ll also have guests and presenters to impart their knowledge within our community. 


Sarah C.

"I'm so grateful I found Heather and her style of Coaching and Hypnotherapy. She has successfully created a safe environment to ask your questions, receive helpful feedback, and expand on your talents as a person and a professional. "

COMMUNITY is the glue that sticks it all together and turns the dreams and possibilities into reality. 


Heather created a great, safe place for us to prepare ourselves for careers in hypnosis. Her advice was on point and she had great examples to illustrate how to and what to expect. If you get a chance, take her coaching. It will elevate your game." - W. McLean

Get Access To:

Private Facebook group:
    - Session recordings, files, scripts and resources
     -To share your growth and struggles with
     -To connect and practice on each other
     - Special guest presenters to keep expanding your knowledge

✔ H​eather! Time with me every week. Listening, talking and growing alongside me. I will support you along the way so that you can make your dreams a reality. 

✔ Access to how I do forms, session plans and processes I learned over the years from social media, to Facebook marketing and creating your ideal customer avatar. 

There is no better time to live your passion and share your gifts with the world.
Follow your intuition and don’t miss the chance to be supported and healed by our community of hypnosis practitioners, today.
Reserve your spot now!
Time to crush those goals and achieve the abundant life that you’ve always dreamt of.
Ready to take the leap and start learning how you can achieve your fullest potential? We are accepting membership applications for a limited time only.
Follow your intuition and don’t miss the chance to be supported and healed by our community of hypnosis practitioners, today.
**Prices are all-inclusive of taxes and fees

Weekly Live Session Layout

Topic discussion by Heather.

Move into mentoring Q & A - ask your specific questions and get on-the-spot coaching!
Periodic hypnosis demos and sessions for the group too!

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT - we have MORE fun and impactful activities in store for you:

✔ Weekly Zoom meetups

✔ Opportunities to practice on and with each other

✔ Presentations on an array of topics and live coaching

✔ Challenges and contests exclusive for the group

✔ Resources and insider information from seasoned practitioners

✔ Facebook Lives with Heather for check-ins and tips

✔ Chance to share your concerns and receive feedback from other members

✔​ ACCOUNTABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY!! - to stay committed and focused week after week

Cara Spence, PhD, CHT

"Heather is a gifted teacher and mentor. She has a very skillful way of delivering advice, direction, and guidance. She was able to remove a block for me that was preventing me from moving forward successfully with my business, and did so effectively, easily, and quickly. I would not have the quality of skills nor level of confidence as a hypnotherapist without this direct mentorship provided by Heather." 

About Heather Rodriguez, Hypno Heather

Heather Rodriguez has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2011, created the brand Hypno Heather in 2014 and has established herself as a leading force in the world of hypnosis and is accredited for building a sustainable, successful practice in Saskatchewan, Canada.

She began training others in hypnotherapy and hypnosis in 2014 and has since certified over 80 students, founded The Saskatchewan Institute of Hypnotherapy and The Saskatchewan Chapter of Hypnotherapists and created an industry of hypnosis in Saskatchewan from the ground up.
Raising awareness about hypnosis and sharing it’s life-changing benefits is Heather’s passion and purpose. She brings the awe and massive respect she has for this modality to every talk, presentation, TV news show, interview, her training classes and with each individual client.